MSME(Udyam) Registration

MSME(Udyam) Registration

The biggest question in the minds of many newbie entrepreneurs is what Udyam Registration is. You’ve come to the right place if you have the same question.

Udyam Registration, also known as MSME Registration, is a government-issued registration that comes with a certificate of recognition and a unique number. This is for the purpose of certifying small and medium-sized businesses or organisations.

The main goal of this facility was to provide a mechanism for the government to provide the most benefits to medium and small-scale firms and industries in India that are registered through MSME using their Aadhar Card Number.

The entity’s owner, director, or proprietor must supply his or her 12-digit Aadhar Number. Whether the business or entity is a sole proprietorship, an LLP, a private limited company, or something else, this is a legal need. It should have a certificate of recognition obtained through the MSME registration process.

Who Can Get Udyam Registration?

Let’s get some things clear! The organizations which are eligible for Udyam Registration are meant to be either in manufacturing or producing or processing or preservation of goods or in providing the services. In other words, Traders who buy, sell, import, or export the goods are not even eligible for applying for Udyam Registration.

But you should know that there are a set of criteria that an entity has to meet to be classified as a medium, small, or micro-enterprise for obtaining the MSME registration.

As per the current notification,